Cooperation with the family in early childhood education and in pre-primary education

Cooperation between the family and educators plays a key role in both early childhood education and pre-primary education. The objective of this cooperation is to foster a common commitment of the guardians and the staff to the promotion of healthy and safe growth, development, and learning for the children.

Communication with the guardians

Daily discussion plays a key role in building a confidential relationship with the families. Through open, supportive and positive interaction, we lay the foundation for securing each child's holistic well-being. 

To streamline the customer experience, early childhood education and care uses the eVaka Tampere resource planning system.  Through this channel, messages and communications can be sent home, and, correspondingly, guardians can contact the staff.

Changes within early childhood education and care from one group to another and transitioning to preschool education

The importance of collaboration is particularly emphasised in various transitional phases, when an information transfer meeting will be arranged with the guardians if necessary. Such transitions include a child moving during early childhood education to another group or provider location, or when the child graduates to pre-primary education or switches to another early childhood education provider. 

Other forms of collaboration include also parent-teacher meetings and various events.

Early childhood education and care plan

In the Tampere region, the early childhood education plan is seen as a process rather than a single piece of paper. The child and the guardians are invited to visit and get to know the early childhood education location before the child starts attending the new unit. 

Guardians are told about the operating culture and practices of the early childhood education unit, and they are asked to tell about their child and their expectations and wishes for the forthcoming early childhood education and care. Before the discussion, the parents fill out the Good Day for a Child form and bring it to the discussion. 

Goals will be set for pedagogical activities and the learning environment to be included in the child's early childhood education plan. In addition, goals and measures to support Finnish language learning will be recorded if necessary (S2 plan).

Updated 13.9.2023