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Student care and well-being

The aim of the high school student care system is to improve the students’ learning, health and well-being, as well as to ensure the health and safety of the learning environment. Student care is carried out at a group and an individual level. (The law regarding pupil and student care 1297/2013, 3§). Individual student care groups will put together when needed.

Special education

The special education teacher will offer knowledge, tuition and guidance to students with learning difficulties. The working methods used are teaching, discussion, and referral to experts when needed. A preliminary survey of linguistic skills will be carried out with first-year students. Based on the survey, a student’s own wishes, and recommendations by the teachers, students are offered special education both as individual teaching, as well as course-based teaching (OP4 course). The aim of the OP4 course is to offer students a chance to get know themselves as students and boost their own study capabilities. The reading and writing skills of a student will also be evaluated during the course. When needed, a statement will be composed for the matriculation examination board.

The special education teacher can be reached by phone, via Wilma or email

Special education teacher, available Mon and Tue, room 135
Ritva Haakana
puhelin 040 531 4908
sähköposti [email protected]

Special education teacher, available on request Tue and Wed, room 132
Sanna Passinmäki
puhelin 040 195 6269
sähköposti [email protected]

Social worker and psychologist

The school social worker and the school psychologist offer appointments to support students’ well-being. During these visits, the student’s life situation and need for support is explored. When needed, the student is referred for further medical investigation and treatment using other services. The social worker and the psychologist will act as links between the student, home and cooperation parties.

Students can contact the school social worker or the psychologist themselves or with the help of their guardian, the school nurse, form teacher, subject teacher, guidance counsellor, principal or special needs teacher. All meetings are free, confidential and voluntary.


The social worker helps students with matters connected to their studies (e.g. motivation problems, absences), relationships, social problems (e.g. problems in the family, drug misuse), as well as matters connected to becoming independent (economic issues, accommodation advice). The social worker can also provide crisis support when needed.

The social worker can be reached by phone, via Wilma or by email.

Social worker
Hilkka Launiainen
puhelin 050 313 2462
sähköposti [email protected]


The school psychologist gives guidance and advice to high school students regarding psychological well-being, studying and matters connected to life situations. You can contact the psychologist regarding problems such as study stress, depression, anxiety, tension, or if you simply feel bad. Also, in situations of crisis you can turn to the school psychologist.

You can book a time by phone, via Wilma or by email.

Ella Niemistö
puhelin 044 486 3834
sähköposti [email protected]

Oona Malinen
puhelin 041 730 7289
sähköposti [email protected]

Aaro Kujanen
puhelin +358444235481
sähköposti [email protected]

Student health care

The school nurse is at school on Monday, to Thursday, as well as Friday every other week ending with an even number.

The school nurse can be reached by phone 050 301 0497 or via Wilma from Monday to Friday, the best time for this is between 8-14.

The school nurse will carry out health check-ups for all students starting high school. The school nurse will arrange an appointment with a doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist, social worker, or other special needs professional when needed.

In cases of accidents at school students should contact the school nurse. If the school nurse is not available, the student should inform the teacher who was teaching the class during which the accident occurred. Accidents that happen on a school trip or at any time in the school day are also counted as school accidents.

School nurse, available Mon-Fri
Katja Koivisto
puhelin +358503010497
sähköposti [email protected]

School nurse, available Tue
Annaliina Vanhatalo
puhelin +358417303391
sähköposti [email protected]

Medical services

Students studying in Tampere are offered basic level medical services by the city’s student health care service. The students primarily visit their own school nurse who will, where necessary, direct them to a doctor either in the school building or in the centralised student health care centre (Hammareninkatu 5 B, 3 krs).

An appointment for a medical check-up with a doctor will be organised, if needed, following the nurse’s check-up or at a student’s request.

If a student is over 18, a charge will be made for doctor appointments in cases of illness. The charge is only for the first three visits. Subsequent visits are free until the end of the year. If students do not turn up for an appointment and have not cancelled it in advance, they will be charged for it.

Further information can be found on the Tampere student health care website: Ulkoinen

Tampere City Student Health Care is starting to use a new electronic customer service. For further information:Ulkoinen linkki Internet pages of the Tampere City Student Health Care or student health care centres.

Dental health care

A letter about booking a dental appointment will be sent to all 17-year-olds resident in Tampere. Appointments can be made using the Centralised Appointment Service from Monday to Friday 8–17, phone 03 5657 0100.

On the internet Ulkoinen you can check, cancel, or reschedule your appointments, and make the initial appointment to see a dental hygienist for an assessment of your treatment needs. You can also make an urgent appointment with a dentist.

A non-resident student can also use the services of the Tampere Dental Health Care. You can enrol yourself as a user of the dental care services using an online form or contact the Centralised Appointment Service by phone: 03 5657 0100. You need to make the appointment yourself. A non-resident student can also use the dental care services in their home district.

Youth clinic

Students can also use the Youth Clinic Services which include a public health nurse, a doctor and a psychologist. The address is Tipotie 4. An appointment can be booked by telephone 03 5657 0154 on Monday to Friday 8.30–11.