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City of Tampere -

Planning of the city district

New city district

The new city district of Hiedanranta will comprise three subareas: the centre, the Lake City and the New Lielahti. The objective is to create homes for 25,000 residents and 10,000 jobs.

Hiedanranta will come to comprise a smart and sustainable city district that provides its residents with a smooth daily life and improves their quality of life by utilising new digital solutions. The tramway will pass through the area in the future. Hiedanranta is located at a distance of about four kilometres from the city centre.

Progress of the planning and construction

The planning of Hiedanranta began with an international ideas competition that was held in 2016. The jury selected two entries as the winners of the competition, and the planning of the area is continuing, based on the winning proposals. Before the ideas competition, the objectives for the city district were developed together with residents and businesses at various events at Hiedanranta.

The preparation of a master plan for the area commenced in the spring of 2017 with a process involving the city residents and dubbed the ideas competition “after party". At public workshops, the participants joined forces in developing blocks, housing, as well as a sense of community and new ways of working to suit a city of the future.

The first phase of the master plan, the structure plan, was approved by the City Board in December 2017.

The master plan will be completed in the autumn of 2019, whereafter local detailed planning will start.

It is estimated that the local detailed plan for the first phase will be completed in 2020. The construction of Hiedanranta will begin in the early 2020s. The tramway will be constructed in 2021‒2024. According to estimates, the development work for the entire area will be completed by 2045.

Illustration on the page: Architecture Studio Buenaventura