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The extension of Vuores school has been completed

Published 6.8.2019 14.14

The amount of space available at Vuores school in South Tampere will increase significantly as the new additional building starts to be used at the beginning of the school year 2019-2020. At the same time, the school, which previously only had grades 1–6, will become a comprehensive school for grades 1–9.

Vuores school, the new building

The new building and the older part, completed in 2013, will now become a unified school facility. Classrooms are located across three floors and a total of five wings. The lobby also has facilities for a library, which will be available only to the school in the beginning. In the coming years, there is a plan to turn the library into a self-service library that is available to all of the area’s residents. The Vuores building also houses a child welfare clinic and a day care centre. In the future, the building will also house a youth centre.

“The school’s large lobby allows us to hold various events, also outside of school hours," says Leena Kostiainen, principal of Vuores school.

Flexible facilities and the new learning environment will increase cooperation between pupils and support activities. The facilities offer a wide range of opportunities for organising teaching and taking pupils’ various needs into account.

The new Vuores comprehensive school has room for 1,000 pupils. According to the principal, all the space will soon be in use as the number of children in the Vuores area is increasing rapidly. The construction of a new day-care facility called Isokuusi day care centre is currently being planned for Vuores. The new day care centre would have facilities for 160 children and a school for 150 preschool and grade 1–2 pupils. The goal is that the new unit can be opened in August 2021.

For this autumn term, Vuores school will also host 280 pupils and 50 preschool pupils from Peltolammi school. In January 2020, the pupils will be transferred to temporary premises built next to Peltolammi school. In addition to a school and a preschool, the temporary premises will also house a child welfare clinic and a library. The school will use the temporary premises until it can move to new facilities at the wellbeing centre that has been planned for Peltolammi.

Vuoreksen koulun uuden osan siivet ulkoapäin
The new Vuores comprehensive school has room for 1,000 pupils (grades 1-9).

Renovation at Messukylä and Tammela

Many renovation projects are either ongoing or being planned in the day care and school network of the City of Tampere.

Temporary premises have been constructed in the grounds of Messukylä school. The premises will start to be used from the beginning of the school year. The building will act as temporary premises while the school’s three buildings are renovated. It will provide the school with much-needed additional space as around 180 of the school’s 400 pupils are transferred to the building at the beginning of the school year. The renovation of Messukylä school begins in January 2021 and will be completed in 2023.

A building that will act as temporary premises for the brick building of Tammela school has been built in the grounds of Tammela school. Pupils and staff will start using the building in October, after the autumn school holiday period. The building will be in the school’s grounds for 3–5 years while both of the school’s buildings are renovated.

At the Kämmenniemi school building, the part of the building that was built in 1988 was renovated this summer. The part of the school that was built in 1969 has been closed due to problems with indoor air quality. The facilities for grades 1–6 have changed, as subject-specific classrooms and other facilities previously used for other purposes have been turned into classrooms suitable for teaching.

The renovation of Linnainmaa day care centre began this summer and will be completed by the end of 2020. At the moment, the day care centre uses temporary premises located in the grounds of Linnainmaa school. The day care centre’s facilities will be modernised and repaired. The disused health centre in Atala is currently being renovated with the aim of turning it into a day care centre. The facilities will start to be used by early childhood education in early 2020.

Etelä-Hervanta school to continue its operations on university premises

Etelä-Hervanta school (for grades 1–9) moved to temporary premises at the Hervanta campus of the Tampere University a year ago. The school will use the temporary premises for the time being, until the new school planned for South Hervanta is completed. The school’s old building was closed due to problems with indoor air quality.

A temporary Hervanta day care centre with facilities for 200 children opened in August in the grounds of Kanjoni school in Hervanta. The temporary day care centre acts as temporary premises for the day care centres of Pelipuisto, Pääskynen and Pulmunen as well as parts of the Kisapuisto day care centre. The operations of Hervanta day care centre will be transferred to the new Etelä-Hervanta day care centre after it has been completed.

Further information

Principal in charge of the service area for the west and centre
Petri Peltonen Tel. 050 525 8561

Principal in charge of the service area for the north-east, south-east and south
Ville Raatikainen Tel. 040 576 8949

Principal of Vuores school
Leena Kostiainen Tel. 050 363 7069

Text Johanna Toivanen

Photos Veli-Matti Lahdenniemi