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Interpretation services

Pirkanmaa Interpretation Centre

Translations for private customers: Contact by e-mail [email protected] or by phone 040 124 9541

Pirkanmaa Interpretation Centre
Email )teskualits;lmuo&nn;lmua&;lmua&k( [email protected] ,)teskualitsuakklut( [email protected]
Tel. 3 5657 7314, booking for interpreters: Monday - Thursday 8 - 15.45, Friday 8 - 15.15
Tel. 040 124 9541, translations
33500 Tampere

Pirkanmaa Interpreter Centre provides interpretation and translation services for client work with immigrants. Primarily, services are intended for social welfare and health offices’ needs in the region of Tampere (Pirkanmaa), but other authorities can also use them.

The range of languages at the Pirkanmaa Interpreter Centre ranges in the tens. With the most sought-after being Persian, Arab, Russian, Kurdish and Somali.

In addition to offering a comprehensive selection of languages, the Pirkanmaa Interpreter Centre has the necessary equipment to organize interpretation via telephone and video.

Interpreters work impartially, and are bound by absolute professional secrecy.

Director of the Pirkanmaa Interpreter Centre Seija Koskinen Tel. 050 550 4146