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Cared-for person’s benefit

The cared-for person’s benefit aims at securing the staying at home of a person requiring much assistance. The benefit is a benefit granted upon consideration in the frame of the budgetary allocation.

In Tampere, the cared-for person’s benefit is granted to the applicants whose care is very demanding and/or binding.

The close caretaker can be a relative or some other person who is close to the cared-for person.

Office of the Cared-for person’s benefit
Switchboard 03 565 611
33100 Tampere

Valokuva: Lukutuokio.

Application for the benefit

The application for the benefit is to be made in writing. Application forms are available in the office of the cared-for persons and online.

In Omaolo (online service) you can do a service assessment in Finnish or Swedish:

The benefit can be applied for without a separate application period and it can be granted providing allocation money is available. The benefit is not paid retroactively.

The application form has to be accompanied with an updated medical certificate (C or B) or any other explanation by a doctor explaining the binding and demanding nature of the care.

Once the application form has been received a home visit will follow. The applicant will get a written decision on the handling of the benefit. The amount of the remuneration paid to the close caretaker depends on how binding and demanding the care is.

What does the cared-for person’s benefit include?

  • Remuneration of the close care taker having made an agreement with the municipality
  • Services required to guarantee care; they will be determined in a care and service plan made for the cared-for person
  • Close care taker’s free time from care work
  • Close care taker’s accident insurance
  • Close care taker’s right to a sick leave