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Psychiatric mobile team

Psychiatric mobile team
Switchboard 03 565 715
Fax 03 5657 8600
33500 Tampere

The Psychiatric mobile team provides help when the patient is not able to come to the consultation in the psychiatric unit although the patient’s mental disorder would require assessment and treatment visits with a specialist.

The most common situation requiring care by the psychiatric mobile team is the worsening phase of schizophrenic or psychotic disorder or post-hospital recovery period. The primary goal of the team is to secure the continuity of patient’s psychiatric treatment and to promote the social participation of the patient.

Home visits are the main operating way of the team. The workers of the mobile team pay home visits as a team of two workers. The doctors take part in home visits for assessment and planning and are responsible for the treatment.

The frequency of the home visits and the length of the treatment vary depending on the patient’s needs.

A referral is required for the treatment carried out by the psychiatric mobile team.