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Urban Nature Labs

The UnaLab project develops the nature-based management of stormwaters at Hiedanranta and Vuores. Tampere is one of the demonstration cities in this EU project, especially due to the stormwater management system that runs via the Vuores central park.

The other demonstration cities are Eindhoven and Genova. This international project is also participated in by replication cities, research institutes and businesses. There are 28 partners in the project and it is coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The City of Tampere’s aim is to further develop the stormwater management system at Vuores and monitor the functionality of the system, i.e. how efficiently the detention and infiltration structures and the wetland clean the stormwaters before they are directed into the oligotrophic lakes in the area. The experience gained at Vuores will be utilised at Hiedanranta, where the planning of the stormwater management systems and green areas is only beginning.

The project receives funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant Agreement No. 730052). The project will take place in 2017‒2020 and, thereafter, it will be monitored for two years.

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Come along

Demos will be planned together

At the UnaLab project, nature-based systems will be developed in cooperation: residents of Vuores and Hiedanranta, as well as other interested parties will be invited to participate in the workshops in the spring of 2018.

In accordance with the plans specified at the workshops, various solutions will be demonstrated in target areas, such as green roofs and walls, biofiltration, continuous measuring of water quality and solutions that are suitable for compact urban yards.

Microalgae growing plant

The first demo is in operation at Hiedanranta. The Tampere University of Technology studies the growth of algae at the microalgae growing plant in the northern conditions and the system’s capacity to bind nutrients.


Project Manager Maarit Särkilahti Tel. 040 538 6535

Project Planner
Salla Leppänen Tel. 044 423 5406