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Building control


Permits are required for any building, fundamental repair or alteration work, as well as any measures affecting the appearance of the built environment.

The purpose of the permit system is to ensure that all building projects conform to legislation and regulations, land use plans are followed and the projects fit in with the environment. In addition, the neighbours’ perspective must also be taken into account. Building is regulated in a variety of ways, and the more central the location or valuable the environment, the stricter the control.

It is advisable to let a professional principal designer handle the permit application process. Applications are processed faster if all submitted documents are fully completed and the applicant or his/her representative have informed the neighbours about the project.

Building-related permits are handled at the Building Control Department, which also carries out all inspections relating to those permits.


The scope of official supervision in individual projects is determined in the permit decision. Any special plans have to be presented to ensure that these plans are properly drawn up by professionals.

All work must be carried out under the supervision of qualified supervisors. Reviews, inspections and inspection documents are used to ensure that the workers follow the orders and that building work is performed in accordance with all regulations, orders and the permit decision, so that good-quality results can be achieved. When a building project is started, the general rule is that a start-up meeting should be organised for the various people involved.

If you have any questions regarding building, please contact the Building Control Department.

The Frenckell Service Point also gives advice on building-related issues. From there you will find maps, a range of services for people building their own homes, and various forms and brochures.

Building Control Department
Tel. +358 40 670 8741

Phone service: Mon - Wed from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Service Point Tampere
Tel. +358 41 730 8168
opening hours Monday to Friday 9 am - 4 pm.