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Regular reservations

Clubs and individual people can make both occasional and regular reservations for training. You can make reservations for the sports facilities either for recurring regular use or for singular use on specific date and time. If you are looking to make a regular reservation or hold an event of some kind in one of the city’s facilities, you need to fill in a form for the reservation of facilities and deliver it to our customer services. You can also browse the timetables of the facilities and make singular reservations in External linkTimmi (the system is partially translated into English). You can freely browse the reservations and timetables of facilities, but to apply for a reservation, you need to register as a user. You can also browse the timetables and reservations of the cities facilities from the External linkTimmi system.

Things to keep in mind when making a reservation application

  • You can apply for a singular or a recurring regular reservation with the application form.
  • Through Timmi you can (for now, at least) only apply for a singular reservation that needs to be made at least 7 weekdays in advance.
  • If you’re making a reservation related to accommodations, you need to call customer services.
  • The reservations for sports events and recurring practice times need to be applied for with the aforementioned form for reservation of facilities. We ask you to deliver these forms to the customer services as a physical copy or by e-mail to the address of customer services.
  • Please note that filling in a reservation form and delivering it to customer services does not automatically mean that you have been granted the reservation, only that you have made an application for it. If your application has been approved and you have been granted the reservation, you will be notified of this by the customer services.

Applying for a singular reservation of facilities

You can make singular reservations for most of the same facilities you can make recurring reservations in. In addition to these you can also make reservations for accommodations that are located near areas meant for camping activities. We strongly recommend that in the case of accommodations, you should call customer services to make the reservation.

In regards to our hockey and ice skating rinks, only registered sports clubs and associations based in Tampere can make reservations.

Practice time in school gyms etc.

You can make both recurring and singular reservations for practice time in the city’s schools and their exercise facilities. On weekdays the hours for this are 17.00-21.30 and the application forms for these reservations need to be delivered to customer services at least 7 weekdays before the reservation takes place. Reservations outside of the aforementioned times (or during weekends, for example) need to be negotiated with the principal of said school.

Reservations of school classrooms

Through the Sports and youth services you ca make reservations for classrooms in some of the city’s schools on weekdays during the same hours you can reserve school gyms (17.00-21.30). The schools that participate in this are the following:

Hatanpään koulu
Karosen koulu
Kämmenniemen koulu
Lielahden koulu
Linnainmaan koulu
Pohjois-Hervannan koulu
Takahuhdin koulu

You can find more information on making reservations in the city’s schools by calling our customer services.


Cancelling a reservation you have made and which has been approved, can only be cancelled in writing (either a physical document or an e-mail) that needs to be deliver to customer services at least 7 days before the date of your practice time. In the case of an event of some kind, the cancellation needs to be made 10 days before it.

If the cancellation isn’t made in time, you will be charged for the reservation as if you had not cancelled it at all.

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