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The City of Action strategy shows the direction for the future of the City of Tampere

Published 26.11.2021 8.25

Tampere's new strategy The City of Action was approved by the City Council on 15 November 2021. The strategy describes the future strategic intent of the City Council and summarises the guidelines according to which the city will be developed in the coming years. The strategy goes up to 2030.


- Tampere is known for its bold implementation and accomplishment of things and determined development. These are the roots of the City of Action. In the future, we will work even harder for the equality, community, pioneering and more sustainable future of our residents, says Reija Linnamaa, Strategy Director, about the contents of the new strategy.

The strategy has been prepared on the basis of Anna-Kaisa Ikonen's Mayor’s programme 2021–2025 in extensive cooperation with other parties. During spring 2021, more than 4,000 views on the desired future of Tampere were received from the residents, city staff, municipal corporations and subsidiaries. According to the comments, the future of Tampere is hoped to be prosperous, safe, ecological, attractive and vibrant.

- The future of Tampere was also discussed with children and young people: almost 2,600 responses were summarised in three key messages. They hoped that Tampere would offer help and support for those in need, that everyone would have the freedom to be themselves, and that the city's future would be built sustainably. These messages have paved the way in the preparation of the strategy, says Strategy Manager Nina Mustikkamäki.

The key contents of the strategy are divided into four focus areas: Equal Individuals, Active Communities, Carbon-Neutral Action and A Pioneer of the Future. Objectives for 2030 has been created for the focus areas, as well as guidelines, targets and indicators for the term of office of the City Council, through which the implementation of the strategy will be monitored and evaluated.

The implementation of the strategy is supported by policies and goals that focus on, among other things, a balanced economy, skilled personnel with a high level of well-being, profitable procurement and proactive knowledge management. The strategy also highlights the development of the customer experience. Its policies provide direction for the development of the city services and encounters and create a basis for strengthening Tampere's power of retention and attractiveness. The goal is a customer experience that exceeds expectations and is smooth, reliable and humane.

The preparation of the strategy has taken into account the goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030 for environmental, social and economic sustainability. A large number of cities around the world are committed to furthering the goals of the Agenda. Tampere is part of this international community of responsible cities.

Once the strategy is completed, the actual work will begin. Particularly significant in the implementation of the strategy is broad cooperation with stakeholders and local residents and, within the City of Tampere Group, setting objectives, assigning responsibility for them and following up on their achievement. The contents of the strategy are specified and concretised in the service and annual plans of the committees, as well as in various separate programmes and plans. The extensive development programmes implemented by the city also advance the goals of the strategy.

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