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Promoting equality and gender equality Tampere

Published 2.12.2019 16.42

Equality and gender equality are taking centre stage in Tampere. The City of Tampere has announced its desire to be the capital of equality, and the city is implementing a number of measures to achieve this end under the Tampere. Equally yours theme. Equality has also been chosen as the leading theme in the city’s application for the European Capital of Culture. On Monday 2 December 2019, Tampere hosted an event in which the Finnish Government presented its International Gender Equality Prize (IGEP). Gender equality will also be the topic of the seminar Hän – Equality, culture and women to be held on 3 December.

Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality Thomas Blomqvist awarded the prize to Yasmeen Hassan, Global Executive Director of Equality Now, in Tampere.

The Finnish Government’s International Gender Equality Prize was presented on 2 December. At the event held in Tampere Hall, the award, presented now for the second time, was given to the globally operating organisation Equality Now, which has, over its 27 years, successfully brought about amendments to more than 50 discriminatory laws in different countries. The organisation works locally according to the needs of each country, but it also has international influence on legislation, human trafficking and practices. The award was presented by minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality Thomas Blomqvist and accepted on behalf of Equality Now by the organisation’s Global Executive Director Yasmeen Hassan.

The gender equality theme will continue on Tuesday 3 December at an international seminar to be held in Tampere Hall. The seminar Hän – Equality, culture and women focuses on what cities, municipalities and people working in the cultural sector can do to improve gender equality. The word “hän" in the name of the equality seminar refers to the Finnish gender-neutral personal pronoun. The seminar will highlight the special role that Finland and Tampere have played in the advancement of gender equality in other respects as well: In 1905, the Red Manifesto, which demanded universal suffrage, was read in Tampere Central Square. In 1906, Finland became the first country to grant women full political rights.

Equality through actions

In the coming years, up to 2026, the City of Tampere will implement a number of measures that promote equality under the Tampere. Equally yours theme. The first measures to be published promote the equality of children and young people, as well as the equality of event activities.

The investments made by the City of Tampere in children and young people will be visible next year in participatory budgeting, the Taidekaari cultural education programme, and the promotion of activity opportunities for children.

In terms of event activities, the City of Tampere will in 2020 serve as the venue for several large events that promote equality: The Homeless World Cup football tournament will be organised in Tampere at the end of June and early July. In September, Tampere will host the Accessible Arts and Culture 2.0 event. The city is also involved in the Everyone’s Festival project which aims to promote the equality and accessibility of events, and, together with Accessible Arts and Culture, the city will organise workshops aimed at local event organisers, where they will learn about the accessibility of events.

Further information

Equality Coordinator Eveliina Kiema-Majanen Tel. +358 (0)40 801 6188

Manager, PR and Marketing Iina Ojala Tel. +358 40 801 6189

Photos Laura Vanzo