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How to be an entrepreneur -info session online

Julkaistu 8.4.2021 11.49

Aika: 14.4.2021 13.00 – 14.30
Paikka: Online

Tapahtumalaji: Info- ja keskustelutilaisuudet
Ilmoittautuminen: Sign up at Ensimetri's site
Järjestäjä: Ensimetri, Tampere City Employment and Growth Services

Planning to start your own business in the Tampere region? Sign up for online info session!


The information session is for all interested in or considering entrepreneurship. Session is free of charge.

In this information session, you will learn how to make your entrepreneurial dream come true and start your business safely. You will also receive information about our free entrepreneurship course.

The last day to sign up is 12.4.2021