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Smart Tampere

What and why

Smart Tampere is the strategic development programme of the City of Tampere for 2017–2021. The programme is building a sustainable and smart Tampere region in which housing, living and mobility are carbon neutral and in which services are user-oriented and work digitally and flexibly.

We also boost Tampere as an internationally recognised hub of expertise, an attractive place for talent, students, companies and new business initiatives.

Smart Tampere consists of three parts: Digitalization program, Ecosystem program and Sustainable Tampere Program.

The Smart City Cookbook

Download your own PDF copy of The Smart City Cookbook!

In The Smart City Cookbook you will find:
- practical tools and templates
- example achievements from City of Tampere's Smart Tampere program

All you need to do is
- click the following link
- choose whether you want to receive more information (it really is optional)
- and the Cookbook is yours. Free of charge! We just want to spread what we've learned.

Smart Tampere Cookbook -kirjan kansikuva


Smart Tampere program
Executive Director of economic policy, competitiveness and innovation Teppo Rantanen Tel. +358 400 235 442

Ecosystem program
Program Director Seppo Haataja

Ecosystem program
Project manager Merja Maijala Tel. 050 486 1253

Digitalization program
CIO Jarkko Oksala Tel. +358505588958

Digitalization program
Program Manager Mia Vaelma Tel. +358408004634

Sustainabe Tampere 2030 program
Development Director Kari Kankaala Tel. +358503513020

Sustainable Tampere 2030 program
Program Manager
Laura Inha
Tel. +358408016035
Email [email protected]