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During the pandemic: Mainio's walk-in services remain closed until further notice. We only accept customers in International House Tampere by appointment. However, advice via phone, emails and through ‘Neuvoo’ app continues according to the timetable. If you want face-to-face counseling, you must schedule an appointment in advance with your language advisor.

Multi-lingual information and guidance services of the City of Tampere take place near the railway station. Customers are served in 16 different languages by advisors, all of whom also speak Finnish.

Services are available for all immigrants who wish to seek information and advice in their own language in different topics of everyday life. At the Multilingual info Mainio, the customer can ask anything about living, working and studying in Tampere. Mainio's advisors can help in untangling Finnish documents or official correspondence, filling in different forms and applications, or making appointments by phone for example for a doctor. Any question or topic is welcome!

Upon request, Mainio's advisor may accompany a customer on separate visits to run necessary errands in town. These appointments are agreed on before hand with the advisor.

Customers do not need to inform about their visits in advance, but can come to us at any time. Group visits or greeting calls to the Info Centre should be agreed upon in advance!

The advisors can be contacted by phone. The service is free of charge.

The email adress is mainio(at)

Team leader Kristina Kemi

Service couscellor Rizhna Khorshid Tel. 040 806 4229

Initial assessment

One of Mainio's worker at the computer.

Have you recently moved to Finland? From Mainio you can receive information on various immigrant services and also participate in the initial assessment program.

The initial survey will help immigrants find suitable services and cope with the challenges of everyday life in the new country. In the initial survey you will get information:

  • studying the Finnish language
  • employment
  • education and training
  • various integration services.

Mainio organizes free personal initial surveys for all citizens of Pirkanmaa who have lived in Finland for less than 3 years. You can be international student, employed or stay at home mom.

If you need more information about this, please leave your message at mainio(at) or leave your contact information by filling the online form, and we will contact you as soon as possible:

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Contact information of the advisors


Mon and Thu 10 - 15.45
Tel. 040 181 7937
Email Yasser.Rahman(at)


Tue 10 - 12 and 13 - 15.45, Fri 13 - 15.45
Tel. 040 587 3678
Email ext-Xue.Feng.Varjokallio(at)

English, Nepali, Hindi

Mon and Thu 10 - 15.45
Tel. 040 801 6642
Email Sujana.Pradhan2(at)

Persian, Dari, Kurdish

Mon and Thu 10 - 15.45
Tel. 040 187 7926
Email mani.maroufzadeh(at)

Portuguese (until 31. October)

Tue 13 - 15
Tel. 045 641 0044
Email Ana.Fortunato(at)


Mon and Thu 10 - 15.45
Tel. 040 163 2858
Email natalja.kuidunen-cvijic(at)


Mon and Thu 10 - 15.45
Tel. 040 187 8249
Email Burhan.Mohamed(at)

Spanish, French, Bulgarian

Tue 10 - 12 and 13 - 15.45, Fri 13 - 15.45
Tel. 045 7928 6405 and 040 806 2527
Email ext-Stella.Entcheva(at)

Thai, Lao

Tue 10 - 12
Tel. 040 588 5860
Email ext-Pannee.Jokinen(at)


You can download the app from the app store on Apple and Android.

Get in contact with us through our NEUVOO-App. Advice is offered in English, Arabic, Persian, Dari, Sorani, Somali and Russian from Monday to Friday between 10 and 16 (depending on advisor's availability).

You can download the app free of charge from the App store on Apple and Play store on Android.

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