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Equally yours

We want to make Tampere an even better place to live and work.

We have created a number of actions which promote equality and improve the everyday life of our citizens. During its history, Tampere has served as the stage for various events of great social significance and related to equality. Tampere and Pirkanmaa area has applied for the European Capital of Culture 2026. Equality has been selected as the leading theme.

Due to the ongoing situation with coronavirus, we decided to create a new nonrecurring grant seeking solutions to help ward off loneliness. We challenged everyone to think about ways to ease the loneliness of Tampere citizens and promote a sense of community in these difficult times. 140,000 euros were divided between the best ideas and their implementations.

Our other actions are for example promoting the equality of children and young people. You can read more about our other actions by clicking the link above.

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