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Social work for adults

Adult Social Work Services help when you need support, guidance and advice in various complicated situations of life. Don’t hesitate to take contact if you have become unemployed, if you need help in the management of your life or if you want to get help for instance in issues relating to intoxicants. We can evaluate together your situation and look for means to solve your problems.

Valokuva: Pelastusrengas Pyhäjärven rannassa.

You can address the Adult Social Work Services in the following situations of life:

  • You need support for the management and planning of your daily life
  • You are unemployed and you need social rehabilitation or guiding to labour market services
  • You have no accommodation or you have problems in matter of housing
  • You have a problem of alcohol abuse or other addiction with intoxicants
  • Mental health problems hamper your daily life
  • You had a sudden crises such as divorce, eviction or debt
  • You need advice on social security and services

Counselling without appointment

You may receive guidance and counselling both by phone and at our service points. We aim to improve your situation as quickly as possible by means of low-threshold guidance and counselling. If needed, we will assess your need for service multi-professionally and direct you to the multilingual counsellors working at Adult Social Work Services.

Call Us

Call our guidance phone weekdays 9 - 15. On Tuesdays you may call 9 - 17.30

Send a contact form

You can contact us in Finnish using a contact form called “External linkKysy neuvoa -lomake ". We will answer you within 7 days.
Note! At the moment we may not be able to respond within 7 working days. We apologise for this situation.

Come visit us

We will provide you with guidance and counselling at our service points without appointment. You can visit any of the service points either only once or whenever you feel you need guidance and counselling.

Mon - Tu and Thu - Fri 9 - 14

Counselling Point of social services

Tesoma Wellbeing Centre

Tesoma service points: Mon and Thu Patient Office Service Counter 2 (3rd floor) | Thu 9 - 12 room 3K-023 (3rd floor) and Thu 12 - 14 Patient Office Service Counter 3 (3rd floor) | Fri Kiosk stands for social services (1st floor)
Thu 10 - 12 guidance and counselling in Dari/Persian at Patient Office Service Counter 3 (3rd floor)

Mon - Tue 9 - 14

Hervanta Health Centre

Thu - Fri 9 - 14

Linnainmaa Health Centre

Mon - Thu 13 - 16

Ohjaamo Tampere

Tue and Thu 9 - 15

Hervannan yhteisökeskus L8 (community centre in Hervanta)

You can meet Kototori social advisors and multilingual counsellors here.

Personal workers

If you already have an appointed personal worker, take contact with him/her. The personal worker is responsible for your service package throughout the time you are a social services client. The personal worker will give you his/her contact information so that you can contact him/her regarding any questions about your life situation.

The service points of the personal workers are located at Sarvis and at Tipotie. Sarvis provides services for all clients except families with children, whose service point is Tipotie.

Personal worker services at Sarvis
33900 Tampere

  • You can contact Sarvis by contacting your personal worker.
Personal worker services at Tipotie
Tipotie Wellbeing Centre
33230 Tampere

  • Tipotie number for advice and guidance: 040 564 9151, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9 - 11
  • Tipotie personal workers: Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri 9 - 10

Personal worker services are based on your service package and on multi-professional co-operation between professionals from different services and networks. We use the City of Tampere service network to its full extent to get you help.

If you already have a personal worker at the Adult Social Worker Services, you can send him/her additional information related to adult social work through Omakanta ie. electronic service for social and health services.

Representative bank accounts (managed by social worker)

Phone contact hours for Representative Bank Account clients are Mon, Tue and Thu 9 - 10.

  • A - Hx: Tel. 041 730 4221
  • Hy - Koc: Tel. 040 840 4606
  • Kod - Lind: Tel. 041 730 5483
  • Line - Oj: Tel. 040 840 5481
  • Ok - Sim: Tel. 040 651 5180
  • Sin - Ö: Tel. 040 840 4203
  • Representative Bank Account for special care: phone 040 840 4069
  • valitystilit(at)