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Housing guide for immigrants

This website deals with many details with regard to housing for you. In order for you to begin to feel at home as much as possible, we wish to give you some tips on special features that pertain to housing in Finland.

The tips contained in this guide mainly apply to rental housing. It will give you some advice for good housing and for the upkeep of the home.

You can find the detailed guide either from the links below or from the navigation bar on the right. In this guide there are also useful links concerning housing.

Quick tips for housing

  1. Pay your rent on time each month
  2. Comply with the rules and regulations of the residential association
  3. Take good care of your apartment
  4. Get home insurance
  5. You are entitled to domestic peace and a comfortable environment
  6. Keep track of your keys
  7. You must reserve your own turn in the laundry room
  8. Ventilate the indoor air quickly, especially in winter
  9. Do not pour water on the floor. The floors must be washed with a wet cloth
  10. Litter must be taken to the waste container located in the yard
  11. Apartments may not be renovated without the permission of the landlord
  12. The emergency number is 112. Call this number in case of emergency

Do not hesitate to ask if you have questions about something!

Contents of the guide


The guide in different languages

This guide is found printed 32-page booklet, translated in eight languages (Finnish, English, Russian, Arabic, Central Kurdish, Somali, Dari, French). The different translations can be found below as .pdf-files.