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Services for people with intellectual disability

The Social Welfare Office for the Disabled of Tampere City carries out a guiding programme that facilitates finding a suitable service package for a person with intellectual disability and his/her family.

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Services for the people with intellectual disability are organized primarily as normal social welfare and health services, yet securing the expert knowledge and diversity of services provided to the disabled. For example, in day care and lower level schools, support activities are organized for a child/young person needing special assistance. If necessary, the child/young person is placed in a special day care group or school providing special teaching.

Social counselors

The social counselor working in the Social Welfare Office for the Disabled is also a coordinator of family services. She/he advises how to obtain specific services, and helps and guides the parents in the subject of child’s care and therapy. She/he also gives the child rehabilitative treatment at home and in day care.

An adult person can also be a social guidance client. He/she is assisted in coping with daily activities and if necessary, in handling administrative issues.

Social counselor Satu Sukanen Tel. 050 570 2493