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Social work for families with children

You can take contact with the Social welfare office for families with children when you need help and counselling

  • in coping with everyday life
  • in issues of housing and finances
  • in situations of violence in close and family relations
  • in supporting child’s development and wellbeing.
Valokuva: Leikkipuistossa.

Assessment of the need for support

Each municipal resident is entitled, by virtue of the Social Welfare Act, to the assessment of the need for support. The social worker evaluates the urgency of need and starts the assessment of the need for services, if necessary. The starting of an assessment requires the client’s approval should the contact concerning the assessment have been taken by any other party than the client himself/herself.

During the process of assessment the client’s life situation, need for support and required services are clarified. In the assessment, client’s opinion and point of view of the need for support are taken into consideration.

Support to the family

Once the assessment of the need for support has been made, the prevailing situation of the family can be facilitated in many ways. The client can get help not only from the child welfare clinic, day care centre and school but also from the service and social counsellor, social worker, Home service for families with children and from the Family work unit. A support person or a support family can also be appointed to a child, teenager or family.

Service counselling
Service counsellors help to find together with the client a suitable support or service among the services, which are provided by the city, organizations, associations or other parties concerned. Counselling helps the best when the client takes contact with the social welfare office as early as possible.

Social work for families with children
Social workers and counsellors clarify together with the client the client’s need for support and help to find the required services and options to facilitate and solve the situation.

Home service for families with children
Home service is comprised of daily help provided in child care and household. Home service offers help for instance when the family has several children or when the parent has become sick.

Family work
Family work helps families by providing practical advice for challenges coming up at different stages of age, concerning for instance child’s daily rhythm or school. The children, young and their families are helped when the problems come up for the first time.

Social counselling

The social counsellor supports the parents in their own getting along. He/she guides the parents to various services and advises in matching together different forms of support. This service is contacted via the social worker.

Activities of a support person or family
A support person is an adult who helps for instance in school work or takes part in the hobbies of the child or the teenager. A support family is an ordinary family, to which a child can go on agreement for instance for the weekend.

Child protection
If it comes up during the process of assessment of the need for support, that the child should become client of the child protection, the client has the possibility to get support from the social worker of the child protection services, intensified family work unit or other services provided by the open care unit.


Stand-by for child protection:
On weekdays 9 - 15, tel. 040 568 5520
At other times, tel. 0500 625 990