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Substance abuse care

First aid and counselling in substance abuse issues

Social stand-by service gives advice in the treatment of substance abuse:
Social and crisis stand-by service
Tel. 0500 625 990
33100 Tampere

Stand-by hours 24 h, open every day

Sobering up shelter for adolescents: Friday to Saturday 20 - 08 and Saturday to Sunday 20 - 08, Tel. 040 806 3515

Social stand-by service gives advice to drug-abusers and provides a shelter place for adolescents to sober up during weekends. It is possible to go there on one’s own initiative. The police send all underage juveniles arrested for drug or intoxicant abuse to the Social stand-by service. Social workers guide drug-abusers to follow-up treatment.

Help in social welfare offices and health centres

Social welfare offices

Should your own use of intoxicants or that of a person close to you make life difficult, it is possible to contact the social welfare office to arrange an appointment with a social worker. Social workers help in handling substance abuse problems and give further information about special services, treatment and therapy. Social workers are in charge of writing the payment guarantee required for treatment.

Health centres

Health centres provide information about the treatment places for intoxicant abusers. Initially, nurses are the personnel to request advice from. If required, a covering letter for detoxification treatment is written at the health centre. Doctors in the medical centres do not prescribe tranquillizers.

It is possible to discuss drug abuse and detoxification in the following services: