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Birth control and abortion

Birth control and family planning

Advice for those under 22 years of age

The Youth clinic provides birth control advice for Tampere residents under 22 years of age.

Youth clinic
Tipotie social services and health centre (4th floor, wing A)
33230 Tampere
opening hours Monday to Thursday 8 - 15.45 and Friday 8 - 13.45

Advice over 22 years of age

The Family planning clinic gives birth control advice and solves contraception problems. The services of the clinic are provided for all Tampere residents over 22 years of age.

Family planning clinic
Tel. 03 5657 0152, advice and booking an appointment: Monday, Thursday 13 - 14.30 and Tuesday, Friday 8.30 - 10
33900 Tampere
opening hours Monday to Thursday 8 - 15 and Friday 8 - 13


Abortion must be carried out at as an early stage of pregnancy as possible and, in any case, before the end of the 12th week of pregnancy. Even so, abortion can be conducted in a later stage in special cases and with a special permission.

If you consider abortion, contact one of the following as soon as possible:

  • Personal doctor
  • Family planning clinic (those over 22 years of age)
  • Youth clinic (those under 22 years of age)
  • Student health care (polytechnics and upper secondary colleges and institutes)
  • FSHS Finnish Student Health Service (university students)

At these places you obtain information on abortion and a doctor’s referral (permission) required for abortion:

Abortion is usually conducted with medicines. In Tampere abortions are carried out at the Tays Hatanpää Hospital.