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School health care

Notice during the corona epidemic!
You can not come to the school health nurse or doctor if you have respiratory symptoms, have travelled abroad in the past two weeks, or are under isolation or quarantine. The travel restrictions concerning international travelling do not apply if at the time of arrival a person is returning to Finland from a country, that is not listed as the country under border control and External linktravel restriction by the Finnish Government. If it is not possible to meet in person, please contact school health nurse by phone well in time. Visits can also be carried out partly as remote reception.

Valokuva: Näön tarkastus.

School nurses meet the pupils, as a rule, every year and carry out an individual health check-up and a health care plan.

A more comprehensive health check-up including a check-up by a school doctor is conducted on 1st, 5th and 8th grades.

The parents are invited to be present at their child’s health check-ups. There may be differences in health check-up schedules between different schools.

The school nurse’s consultation room is usually located at the same school to which the child attends.

Booking appointments

Pupils may go to see a school nurse without appointment during the school-specific consultation hours. The parents may contact the school nurse in matters relating to their child’s health and wellbeing. The hours for booking appointments and for telephone advice vary.

School-specific information can be found at the WWW pages of the school health care services:

The pupil goes to see a school doctor through the school nurse. In case of acute illness the child is cared for by the personal doctor located at the health centre of the child’s housing district.

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