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Counselling Point of social services

Number for counselling: 03 5657 0200, Mon - Fri 9 - 15

Counselling Point of social services
Tel. 03 5657 0200
opening hours Mon and Thur 9 - 15, Tues, Wed and Fri 9 - 14

The Counselling Point of social services provides advice both on phone and at the Counselling Point when you need information about services and benefits provided by the city or if you need guidance in various services and handling of your issues with authorities.

Counselling Point serves all residents of Tampere. Guiding and help can be obtained when you don’t know where to take contact, for example, in the following cases:

  • financial difficulties of the family
  • problems of alcohol abuse
  • child welfare issues
  • other crises of life and
  • you can also ask for information about issues relating to children’s daycare and elderly persons’ care.

Counselling consists of listening to the client and providing advice and guidance in the area of various services. At the Counselling Point of social services the client can obtain forms to apply for income support and also advice in the filling in of the application forms. Social counsellors provide general counselling: they do not make any official decisions concerning the client.