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How to find Hiedanranta

The address of Lielahti Manor is Tehdaskartanonkatu 38, 33400 Tampere, Finland.

By bicycle

A new pedestrian and cycling connection from the underpass on Paasikiventie Road to Lielahti Manor (Lielahden kartano) and further to Niemenranta is open and in use. Cyclists can also access Hiedanranta by passing through the Lielahti commercial area to Lielahdenkatu Street, then turning right from Lielahdenkatu to Hiedanranta and the factory area.

By bus

The bus stop nearest to Lielahti Manor (Lielahden kartano) is along Paasikiventie Road and called Hiedanranta. The public transport lines 3, 21, 28, 35, 37, 80 and 85 stop at this bus stop.

By car

During large public events, parking in the Hiedanranta area is challenging, so we recommend that you arrive there by public transport, by bicycle or by foot. Drive to Hiedanranta via Lielahdenkatu Street. Turn to the factory area at the address Lielahdenkatu 10‒12. There are signposts to the destination.

Mobile guidance

Hiedanranta 3D model is a digital guidance experiment.

Click on the buildings for additional information. Rotate the view by clicking & dragging or zoom with the mouse wheel. The model works with mobile phones and computers. Available in English and Finnish.


The Development Programme

Project Development Director Reijo Väliharju Tel. +358 50 388 0901

Innovative Hiedanranta
Project Manager Tiina Sahakari Tel. +358444235610

City Planning

Director of City Planning Taru Hurme Tel. +358408062601

Project Architect Iina Laakkonen Tel. +358408063080

Project Architect Riikka Rahkonen Tel. +358 40 801 2724


Communications Specialist Eija Jokinen Tel. +358401989754


Digitalization Program / Hiedanranta
Designer Elina Pulliainen Tel. +358 40 182 8773

Project Manager Maarit Särkilahti Tel. 040 538 6535

Hiedanranta MaaS Project Manager
Pekka Stenman Tel. 040 163 7226

Temporary Hiedanranta



From the Lielahti factory area into a new city district


The City of Tampere bought the former pulp mill site of Metsä Board. The first new jobs were created.


Ideas were gathered from citizens and businesses for the development of the area. The first experiment was launched.


The international ideas competition was announced. A total of 39 proposals were delivered to the competition. The gates of Hiedanranta were opened to citizens.


The results of the ideas competition were announced in early 2017. The master planning for the area began together with citizens. New businesses were sought to participate in the development of the area.


The master plan for Hiedanranta will be completed.


The local detailed plan for the first phase will be completed.

2020 - 2022

The construction of Hiedanranta will begin and the first residents will move to the area.

2021 - 2024

The tramway will be constructed at Hiedanranta.

2040 - 2050

Estimated time of the completion of Hiedanranta.

Group visits

Want to visit Hiedanranta? Please, contact us.