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Comprehensive planning

The Comprehensive planning in Tampere is strongly based on the city strategy. The City Strategy Tampere - the Best for You (City Council 13 November 2017) has set the city´s development objectives to be achieved by the year of 2030. The strategy is based on factors that will drive changes in the future and represents the common intent regarding the city’s long term development measures. Work programme for Comprehensive planning 2017-2021 was approved by the City Council on 18 December 2017 (Section 340).

In accordance with the City Strategy, the City of Tampere is drawing up a comprehensive plan for the inner city that is updated during every City Council´s term of office. The City Strategy’s guidelines for an urban and sustainably growing city are very significant for comprehensive planning. The aim is that by 2030, Tampere will be a pleasant, lively and carbon neutral city with 300,000 residents, and a pioneer in smart and sustainable transport and urban development. In addition, in the current City Council’s term of office 2017–2021, a strategic comprehensive plan will be also made for northern Tampere.

Local master plan 2040

Planning map

The City Council approved the local master plan for the inner city 2040 unanimously on 15 May 2017. The Master Plan became legally binding on January 20, 2020.

The local master plan is based on the City Strategy guidelines set in the City Council’s term 2013‒2017. Out of the recognized challenges of change, it has focused on growth management, the operating conditions for the business and industrial sector, the stricter environmental requirements, the declining biodiversity, climate change mitigation and the prevention of a differentiation between city districts. The local master plan presents land use, traffic, housing and services as an entity for implementing a low-carbon urban structure of the future.

A key objective of the local master plan is to steer most of the increase in the population (about 60,000), in a controlled manner, to the city that has already been planned and built. On the basis of the local master plan, Tampere will make the city structure on the western and eastern sides of the epicentre more balanced. The growth has been steered to the structure that consists of centres and public transport areas, which improves the availability of services and promotes more versatile functions.

Local master plan is represented by four local master plan maps

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