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Morning and afternoon activities

Morning and afternoon activities (before and after school activities) are designed for pupils in grades 1–2. All pupils in special education from pre-primary to grade 9 are offered afternoon club activities that are specially designed for them.

A child may be granted a place in morning and afternoon activities if the family really needs the place because of the job or studies of the parents or for another special reason. Acceptable special reasons are compelling needs of the family or the child, and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. In order to refer to a special reason, the guardian must include an expert analysis or assessment on the child’s need in the application.

These criteria are based on a decision by the Committee for Child and Youth Services, made on 20 November 2014. The decision does not apply to children covered by special support services.

The activities of the City of Tampere are organised predominantly at schools and city youth club premises. Enrolment in a group is valid for one term.

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Morning and afternoon activities provide parents with an alternative way to arrange child care on weekdays. Activities are offered for approximately 2500 children each term.

In addition to the Department of Education, there are other providers of services, for example the parishes and the settlement movement. The City of Tampere subsidises these activities and the organisers’ training and the city also supervises the activities.


The daily programme includes, among other things, supervised outdoor activities, games and play, arts and crafts, doing homework, resting, exercising and a snack. The groups are run by professionals with a background in tutoring children in groups and supporting their growth.

Children who participate in these activities are covered by an accident insurance during activity time. Any accident occurring when travelling to and from the group is the responsibility of the parents.


Applications for activities organised by the City of Tampere or any other service provider can be sent during the same period.

To apply morning and afternoon activities for 2022-2023.
Electronic application form will be active 7.-23.1.2022.

The application form can be found from the External linkWilma -system from Applications and decisions.

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Action time and service fees

Afternoon activities are available after school from midday until 5 p.m. Some groups also offer morning activities from 8 am to 10 a.m. depending on demand. Families can choose between three time options, each of which contains a different number of hours (decision by the Committee for Child and Youth Services, 17 March 2016).

Service fees are determined by the selected option. If the group offers both morning and afternoon activities, the hours can be divided between the morning and the afternoon based on the family’s need. However, the total number of hours may not exceed the maximum number of hours included in the service.

The service fee for 1–3 hours of care per day is EUR 70 per month (the fee for elder siblings is EUR 60 per month). The service fee for 3–4.5 hours of care per day is EUR 120 per month (the fee for elder siblings is EUR 110 per month). The service fee for 4.5–6 hours of care per day is EUR 140 per month (the fee for elder siblings is EUR 120 per month). Invoices for activity fees are sent monthly.

Exemption from the fee is possible on the basis of an application to the Head of Customer Services at the administrative office of the Department of Children and Youth Growing Up. (Instructions for application for exemption are found in the letter of admittance to the group.)

Morning and afternoon activities for schoolchildren and club activities that complement preschool education are free of charge for families whose gross income is below the income threshold.

The income limits from 1st of August 2021

Number of people in a family (family size)
Income limit, €/month – client fee €0
2 3050
3 3862
4 4351
5 4840
6 5327

If there are more than six people in a family, the income limit for every subsequent minor in a family shall be increased by €189


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