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Other day care forms and care at home

Playing and play club activities

Diversified activities are organized for families and children under school age in clubs, Erkkilä and Henneri playing activity centres and open day care centres. For example, such activities may be in the form of music, theatre, handicraft activities and family cafes.

Application for play and club activities is made by filling in a day care application form that is sent directly to the activity point. Clubs are open from September 1st to May 31st.

Leikkitoimintakeskuksessa leikkimässä

Play activities’ client fee

3,5 euros/visit
Monthly fee 70 euros maximum
The fee is charged according to the number of visits, fixed in advance.
Open day care centre activities (family cafés) are free of charge for the family.

Family day care

Children in family day care

Family day care offers individual and home-like care mainly for children under five years of age.

Family day care is divided into three different forms:
1. A care provider cares for the children in her/his own home.
2. Care is provided in a child’s home (e.g. the care provider cares for children from families with 2-4 members alternating weekly with various families).
3. Family day care in a group (2-3 persons take care of 8-12 children in a home-like environment)

Arrangement for family day care

If you would like to have more information about family day care or family group day care, please contact the family day care director of your own district:

Private day care

Private day care includes, in addition to the above mentioned family day care and family group day care, care in a private day care centre as well as care provided by a hired care provider who visits the child’s home. Concerning private day care, the family has the possibility to receive a private day care allowance from the Social Insurance Institution (Kela).

There are over 20 private day care centres or family group day care centres in Tampere. Application for a care place is made directly to the private day care centres.

Private day care's guidance and surveillance is handled by the Customer service unit of day care. More information below:

Using the private day care allowance of the Social Insurance Institution (Kela), a family can hire a care provider who visits their home. In that case, the relationship is one of work, meaning that the family is an employer and the care-taker an employee.

Information and counselling on private day care and private day care subsidy is provided by the Customer Service Unit Of Day Care:

Email if.erepmat)ta(atnimiotaviapatliajumaa.ajaalit

Care at home

Parents of children under seven years old have the possibility to choose between child home care allowance, instead of a municipal day care place, and private day care allowance.

Either one of the parents or any other person (for example, a relative) may take care of the child at home using the child home care allowance if the family’s youngest child is under 3. The home day care allowance includes a wage for care and an income-related care allowance. The home day care allowance is applied for from the Kela Office.

Social Insurance Institution (Kela) offices in Tampere:
1. Tampere Kela Office, Aleksis Kiven katu 18, tel. 020 635 8111
2. Hervanta Kela Office, Insinöörinkatu 40, tel. 020 635 8111
3. Linnnainmaa Kela Office, Kirviälänkatu 2, tel. 020 635 8400

Support in taking care of a disabled or long-term sick child at home

Tampere municipal authority grants municipal allowances to parents taking care of a disabled or long-term sick child at home.

Conditions for obtaining the municipal allowance is that care allowance (increased care allowance, special care allowance) is granted for the child by Kela.
Early Childhood and Preschool Education Customer Service
Tel. tel. 040 800 7260, calls Mon-Fri 9 am - 12 am

Opening hours of the office: Mon - Fri 9 am - 4 pm

33101 Tampere