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Cultural Education Unit TAITE

Cultural Education Unit TAITE invites you to explore with culture, to learn and be surprised. Pick up ideas and insights into life!

We arrange cultural education for Tampere-residents of all ages, free of charge. We offer museum tours with activities, inspiring workshops, and community events.

Art Arc - Cultural Education Programme

Lapsia Taidekaaren museovierailulla Rupriikissa

The Art Arc opens the doors of cultural institutions to Tampere’s pre-schoolers and schoolchildren. They are given the opportunity to explore a specific field of culture through visits and a workshop each year. The cultural experiences for schoolchildren include visits to museums, the circus, and theatre events, with opportunities for the children to meet musicians, dancers, and artists. The Art Arc programme also includes activity days for families.

MUMU - Multi-cultural Museum Services

Taidemuseossa voi harjoitella suomen kieltä toiminnallisesti

MUMU offers creative language learning opportunities for adults who wish to learn Finnish language and culture. The activities take place in various environments, including museums. Our guided tours, workshops and events are all based on the participants' shared experience of living in Tampere, with appreciation for everyone's own cultural backround.

Evergreen – Museum Services for the Elderly

Ikääntyneen naisen kädet tekevät palapeliä.

The Evergreen brings museum services to senior citizens at old people's homes, day centres, and neighbourhood clubs. For example, our reminiscing sessions for the elderly take a look at the past, the present, and even the future with the aid of photographs, objects, artwork, and stories. The experience is based on the participants’ individual life situations and inventive use of museum collections.

Culture & Exercise Companions

Kulttuuriluotsin kanssa taidemuseossa

Culture & Exercise Companions are City of Tampere volunteers who are available to adults free of charge to provide company and support for engaging in cultural activities and physical exercise. The companions also participate in the work of museums related to their collections and the cultural environment. The volunteers are people aged 60 or above who have retired or are in the process of retiring.

The Experiential Colour Workshops for Babies™

Värikylvyissä vauvat tutustuvat väreihin moniaistisesti

The Experiental Colour Workshop for Babies™ provides artistic activities for families with babies. At the workshops, the baby and an adult companion can explore colours through the senses of taste, smell, touch, and sight. Baby-centred colour workshops encourage families to get the most from every moment.

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Cultural Education Unit TAITE
Head of Education Anne Ruusuvuori Tel. 040 353 2497

Cultural Education Unit TAITE
TR1 (2nd Floor), Finlayson area
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