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General grants

A large group of people at Keskustori (Central Square), observing a cultural event.

The deadline for applications for general grants is now closed

The deadline for applications was 31.1.2024 at 15:45. A total of 367 applications for general grants were received. We thank all applicants. The applications will now go to pre-screening and preparation. Decisions will be taken at the meeting of the Culture and Leisure Committee on 27 March 2024.

Please note that incomplete and late applications will not be examined.

By means of general grants, the City of Tampere supports e.g., promotion of wellbeing and health, culture, sports, and physical activities, as well as hobbies for children and youth.

A registered association that has functioned for at least one year can apply for a general grant. The application period for general grants is January. For festivals and large public events, however, the application period is November.

General grants can be awarded for regular activities practised by associations that are open to all and occur in Tampere. Grants are not issued for entrepreneurial operations or for the practice of religion.

Information on application for and approval of grants as well as their reporting has been gathered together on pages devoted to each theme. Contact info can also be found on these pages. Unfortunately, the English-language pages for grants are still incomplete, and not all grants have their own pages yet.

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Updated 31.1.2024