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Mansen Massit Community Grant

Kesäpäivänä ihmisiä kävelemässä Hämeenpuiston Puistofiesta-tapahtumassa. Etualalla kulkee mies kahden lapsen kanssa. Lapsilla on vihreät ilmapallot.

The Mansen Massit Community Grant is for activities carried out by associations, communities and residents in Tampere. It is intended for community-building activities that are open to all and free of charge. The total amount available for the Mansen Massit Grant is €140 000. The deadline for applications was April 2024, and the decision on whether or not to grant the Community Grant will be taken by the people of Tampere in a vote from 20 May to 2 June 2024.

The grant is aimed at associations, communities and residents. You can apply if you want to organise events or activities in Tampere. The activities must be open to all, promote community spirit and be free of charge for the participants. Grants can range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros, depending on the activity.

The application period was 2.4.–29.4.2024. The grant can be used until autumn 2025.

Voting to choose

The people of Tampere decide by voting which activities will receive the Mansen Massit Community Grant. The vote will ensure that the money goes to the activities that residents want.

Voting will take place on the city's website from 20.5.2024 to 2.6.2024. All residents of Tampere have the right to vote. There is no age limit. 

In the vote, Tampere residents can either support an activity they would like to participate in or an activity they think Tampere should have. The projects with the highest number of votes will be funded.

Check out the application guidelines

Please read the criteria for the Mansen Massit Community Grant carefully before applying. Please also read the general principles of the city's grants.

Apply for the Mansen Massit Community Grant

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