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General principles of grants

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The following principles are applied to the approval of grants by the City of Tampere:

  • Grants provided by the City of Tampere can be granted only for non-profit activities. Such grants must not have effects that distort competition, and support is not granted to activities whose potential income is used to increase owner benefit.
  • Supported operations should supplement the operations of the City of Tampere as well as the implementation of its goals. Moreover, supported operations should be targeted mainly at the people of Tampere.
  • Grants are not issued for the practice of religion or to spread a religious message.
  • Only one grant may be provided for the same purpose by the City of Tampere.
  • Grants represent partial financing. The recipient of the grant must also have their own fundraising to organize the activity concerned. In addition to money, voluntary work (calculated value €10/hour) can be accepted as self-financing. Personal Grants can be awarded without requiring the grant recipient to contribute a portion of their own financing.
  • The acquisition of fixed assets is supported with a grant only for a justified reason.
  • The recipient of the grant must not use the city grant received for the activity for business expenses or investment activities.
  • Grants are not approved for operations that the city has tendered or that the city purchases from the applicant. The issuing of grants must not impact the pricing or content of services tendered.
  • Grants can be awarded only to applicants whose application has arrived by the assigned deadline.
  • The grant awarded is specific to the applicant and must not be transferred to another community or person for use.
  • Financially aided communities must comply with valid laws and regulations together with good practices and the city's ethical operating principles in their activities.
Updated 18.1.2024