Tampere brand

Tampere brand

The spirit of Tampere projected loud and clear

Please let us introduce the story of Tampere and the Tampere.Finland brand, the message projected by the whole city. The brand is a summary of the Tampere attitude that can be experienced in the city’s atmosphere and in the words and actions of its inhabitants and businesses. Tampere is warm-hearted and straightforward.

The Tampere.Finland brand is as unpretentious as the city itself. It leaves room for interpretations and encourages dialogue. The brand attaches Tampere firmly in the international context. The confidence of the concept and the brand logo send a message of a Finnish city with a strong, clear voice of its own.

This page contains the basics of the use of the brand. As residents of Tampere, these tools allow us to proudly present our home city in a distinct, recognisable voice.

Read the examples and make the Tampere.Finland brand your own!