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Ask about COVID-19 – Coronabot gives advice in over one hundred languages

Published 3.2.2021 9.00

The City of Tampere has started using a multilingual coronabot. You can ask the coronabot questions related to COVID-19 at any time of the day. In addition to Finnish, the bot can give advice in over one hundred languages.

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The coronabot, which is based on artificial intelligence, finds answers for your questions from local and national websites and translates them into the language you are using. The bot’s sources of information are, among others, the websites of the City of Tampere, the Pirkanmaa Hospital District and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. The information from these sources is automatically updated to the bot. The coronabot uses machine translations, so they may contain some grammatical errors.

Although you can ask the coronabot general questions about COVID-19, it does not replace the advice given by a health care professional, and you should not give the bot, for example, your personal data.

If you launch the coronabot on a smartphone, its language will automatically change to the language of your phone.

You can find the coronabot at the bottom of the city’s COVID-19 website pages at You can also access the coronabot directly at

Tampere will be using the coronabot at least until the summer 2021. The service is provided by Neuvo Oy Global in cooperation with IBM. A similar bot is in use in Turku and Espoo. Feedback on the functionality of the bot can be given through a button on the right side of the bot.

Further information

Project Manager Outi Lehtinen Tel. 050 538 2267

Designer Pasi Paananen Tel. 040 680 5609