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International, open seminar about gender equality in Tampere Hall

Published 19.11.2019 13.05

What can cities, municipalities and people working in the cultural sector do to improve equality? 3rd of December we are trying to answer that question in an international seminar titled Hän - Equality, culture and women.

Red Manifesto

"Hän" refers to the gender-neutral Finnish personal pronoun that treats everyone equally. Finland was the first country to grant women full political rights in 1906. In 1905 the Red Manifesto was read in the Tampere Central Square (picture) demanding political rights. So Tampere played a significant role in the realisation of women’s suffrage. However, globally we still struggle with the same issues like sexual harassment, womens euro, representation etc.

Tampere is the partner for International Gender Equality Prize, IGEP, owned by the government of Finland. The prize will be now awarded for the 2nd time in December 2nd. The seminar takes place day after the IGEP ceremony, December 3rd 2019 from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Tampere Hall.

The seminar speakers are Zita Holbourne, Tamara Tatishvili, Else Christensen-Redzepovic, Imogen Gunner and Christine Langinauer.

There is no participation fee in the seminar. Working language of the seminar is English. Registration ends on November 24th.

The seminar is arranged by Tampere European Capital of Culture Bid 2026 and City of Tampere.

Further information

Executive Producer Eija Oravuo Tel. +358503887133