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Tampere to receive a tramway

Published 10.11.2016 11.08

Tampere to receive a tramway On Monday 7 November 2016, the City Council decided to implement the first phase of the tramway infrastructure - the Hervanta depot and the Hervanta – City Centre – Tays section - as planned. The target schedule for the second phase was also approved. The tramway system will be implemented through a limited liability company. The council voted on the matter, and the construction of the tramway was passed by 41 votes to 25 (1 no vote).

Raitiotievaunu talvisella Hämeenkadulla, Kuva: Ari Järvelä, Tampereen kaupunki/Havainnekuva ja kuvankäsittely IDIS Design Oy.

In the implementation plan by the Tramway Alliance, the total budget for the first section is EUR 238.8 million. The state has agreed to support the first construction phase with EUR 71 million. The state had already made the decision to grant EUR 3.06 million as state aid for the planning.

The target cost of the first part is a tender binding the parties of the Alliance. The Tramway Alliance is composed of the City of Tampere, VR Track Oy, YIT Construction Services and Pöyry Finland Oy. YIT and VR Track are responsible for the construction with equal shares.

The implementation plan of the Tramway Alliance for part 1 covers 15 kilometres of two-track line from the centre to Hervanta and TAYS and a depot in Hervanta. The alliance contract also covers the power supply stations, the relocation of pipes and cables to make way for the tramway infrastructure, the construction of bridges and supporting walls, as well as the implementation of technical systems, such as the electricity supply for the rails and tram traffic monitoring and control.

The work will begin in several places next year, in 2017. It is estimated that tram traffic from Hervanta to the city centre and from the city centre to the TAYS hospital will start in 2021.

The council also decided to proceed with the second section of the tramway in the schedule specified in the implementation plan. The development of the second phase of the tramway will take place in 2020–2021 and construction in 2021–2024. According to the target schedule, the first trams could operate between the city centre and Lentävänniemi in 2024.

The cost estimate of the shortest route from the centre to Lentävänniemi through Hiedanranta is EUR 44.1 million, which brings the total cost estimate for the tramway to EUR 283 million.

The City of Tampere has invited service providers to tender for the tram acquisition and servicing. The City Board awarded the tram contract on 3 October 2016. The decision was appealed against before the Market Court.

Fast and accessible

The implementation plan for the first phase of the tramway has two tram lines, which will be operated with a headway of 7.5 minutes. The line from southern Hervanta to Pyynikintori via the new Hervantajärvi district will be longer, and the shorter line will run between TAYS and Pyynikintori. The target journey time from the Central Square to the University Hospital’s front doors is 10 minutes, and from the Central Square to Hervanta 21 minutes.

The objective is to build an accessible transport system which can be used independently also by people with disabilities, including those in an electric wheelchair or the visually impaired. The ambitious accessibility target benefits everyone; children, passengers with prams, the elderly and adults.

An ordinary bus ticket will be valid on trams, and the tram and bus systems will also share passenger information. There will be transfer stops serving both trams and buses, for example, on Insinöörinkatu in Hervanta, in Kalevanrinne, and on Vieritie near the hospital in Kauppi.

In addition to the tramway, the public transport system will include efficient trunk bus lines and versatile connection traffic to the tram lines. Supplementary construction and development of land use is planned along the tramway. The surroundings of stops are planned to serve varied operations and various modes of transport.

Further information

Director Mikko Nurminen Tel. 040 801 2665

Project Director Ville-Mikael Tuominen Tel. 050 343 0700