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Student health care

Notice during the corona epidemic!

The student health care is functioning as normally as possible despite the coronaepidemic. If you need an appointment with the student healthcare services please contact the student nurse by phone. Consulting hours (times when you can come to the nurse without booking an appointment) are closed for now.

Please notice that it is forbidden for a person with respiratory infection symptoms or a person who has returned from a trip from abroad within two weeks or a person ordered under quarantine or isolation to arrive to his/her appointment. The travel restrictions concerning international travelling do not apply if at the time of arrival a person is returning to Finland from a country, that is not listed as the country under border control and External linktravel restriction by the Finnish Government.

Tampere City Student Health Care provides health services for students studying more than two months in polytechnics, vocational colleges and institutes in Tampere. Studying must be constant. Student health care for university students is provided by Finnish Student Health Service, FSHS.


33100 Tampere

Advice and arranging an appointment

To see a nurse or doctor, you need to book an appointment.

Monday to Thursday 8.15 - 14 and Friday 8.15 - 13. You will find the telephone number you need below, beside your own school or college.

For students of

Tampere University of Applied Sciences of the following units:
- Energy and Environmental Engineering, tel. 040 806 2454
- International Business, tel . 040 806 2455
- Media and Arts, tel. 040 806 2454
- Nursing, tel. 040 806 2459
- Software engineering, tel. 040 806 2455

Tampere Vocational Adult Education Centre TAKK:
- Tampereen valtatie , tel. 040 806 2455

Tampere Vocational College Tredu:
- Sammonkatu, tel. 040 806 2459
- Ajokinkuja, tel. 040 806 2454

Ahlman Institute, tel. 040 806 2454
Luovi Vocational Institute, tel. 040 806 2454
School of Cosmetology, tel. 040 806 2455
Pirkanmaa School of Sports Massage, tel. 040 806 2455
Tampere Institute of home Economics, tel. 040 806 2455
Tampere Conservatoire, tel. 040 806 2455
Tampere Institute for Extension Studies, tel. 040 806 2455
Varala Sports Institute, tel. 040 806 2455

Student Health Care Centres

Tampere Vocational College Tredu: Santalahdentie 10
Tel. 040 639 7963
33100 Tampere

Consultation with a nurse: Monday - Friday 10.00 - 11.00

Tampere Vocational College Tredu: Koivistontie 31
Tel. 040 711 5353
33820 Tampere

Consultation with a nurse: Monday - Friday 8.15 - 10

Tampere Vocational College Tredu: Hepolamminkatu 10
Tel. 040 806 2453
33720 Tampere

Consultation with a nurse: Monday - Friday 9.00 -11.00

Tampere Vocational Adult Education Centre: Nirva
Tel. 040 806 2247
33821 Tampere

Consultation with a nurse: Wednesday - Friday 8.30 -11.15

Police College of Finland
Tel. 0400 267 765
33721 Tampere

Consultation with a nurse: Monday - Thursday 8.00 - 11.00 and 11.45 - 12.40


Doctor`s appointment is liable to charge; 18-year-old and older will be charged the health center fee, 20,60 euros, at the first three appointments during a year. There is an exception with contraception; an appointment considering contraception is free of charge.

Medical certificate that is not directly connected with treatment is chargeable. An invoice will be mailed afterwards, cash payment is not possible.

Student health services of nurse and psychologist are free of charge.

Cancelling of appointment

Remember to cancel your appointment time if you don`t need it. There is a penalty fee of 50,80 euros if time is not cancelled.

You can cancel also by phone message, number 0400 267 715. Remember to write your name, appointment time and your birthday. This number does not take any phonecalls, it takes only messages considering cancelling.