Welfare centres

Welfare centres are low-threshold service points

All around Tampere, there are many welfare centres where you can find services, attend events, and receive counselling and guidance with everyday issues.

The welfare centres offer venues for different group gatherings, encounters, and experiments. In the city centre, you will also find the service and information point Kotitori, where you can get help in finding the right services for your situation.

The welfare centres offer an abundance of counselling, guidance and services related to well-being, health, and different life situations, often quite conveniently under one roof. In most of the welfare centres you can find, for example, social welfare and health care services, a library, and a youth centre.

People of all ages are welcome to the welfare centres.

The appearance and services of the welfare centres reflect their surroundings, and their development is a joint effort: The goal is to provide the locals with high quality services and smooth everyday encounters, create comfortable and efficiently used spaces, and enhance the sense of community.

Welfare centres

The welfare centres in Tampere are

  • Hervanta Trio Welfare Centre (Insinöörinkatu 8)
  • Koilliskeskus Welfare Centre (Liikekatu 3)
  • Lielahti Welfare Centre (Antti Possin kuja 1)
  • Tesoma Welfare Centre and (Tesomankatu 4)
  • Tipotie Welfare Centre (Tipotie 4)