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COVID-19 vaccinations

How do I get the vaccination?

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Act this way, if you or your child has infection symptoms

Usually it is not necessary to go to a coronavirus test if you have mild symptoms.
Stay at home, if you have respiratory symptoms such as coughing, flew or temperature.
You can return to your educational institution, school, day care center or work place if your state of health has been better during a couple of days i.e. if you do not have any more symptoms or they are clearly eased.

If you make a coronavirus home test or if you go for coronavirus testing and you get a positive test result, avoid contacts during the symptoms, at least during 5 days.

In mild cases, you should to go for testing if
- a health care professional recommends a test
- you are working in social or health care services in client or patient work (while taking into consideration the instructions given by your own work place)
- you belong to a serious coronavirus risk group: for example, you belong to a group, for which the fourth coronavirus vaccination is recommended or if you go for regular treatment at hospital (for instance for reason of dialysis or cancer treatment)
- you are pregnant.

If you have serious symptoms, ask for advice to get contact with your vocational health care service or your medical center or the information service of public health services, telephone number 03 5657 0023 (every day from 7 a.m. to 22 p.m.). If they are closed, you can call emergency number 116117.

How do I apply for a test?

When you need to apply for a COVID-19 test, do the following: fill in an online check-up in the Omaolo service or call health services.

Option 1: Fill in the coronavirus check-up

You can assess your need for treatment by filling in the symptom assessment form in the Omaolo service. The service is available in English and also in Finnish and Swedish.

Option 2: Call health services

On the phone you will be provided with instructions for seeking treatment.

COVID-19 tests and test results

Once you have received an appointment, you can take the coronavirus test. When you go to the test, wear a face mask. Do not meet other persons before having obtained the test result.

Instructions for arriving at the COVID-19 testing point:

After one or two days you will obtain a text message informing you of your test result. You can also see it on the service. Stay at home until then. Do not meet with other people.

  • If the result of your coronavirus test is negative (CV19NhO NEG), you have not been detected with a coronavirus infection in the test. At the end of the illness you may return to normal everyday life, once you have stayed at home for one day without symptoms.
  • If the result of your coronavirus test is positive (CV19NhO POS), you have a coronavirus infection. Stay at home, in order not to infect others. Wait until you are given detailed instructions.

For general information on the coronavirus, please contact the national telephone advice line: 0295 535 535, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Good to know

Do not come to scheduled appointments if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or you are in voluntary quarantine. If necessary, cancel the appointment. Take care of good hygiene: Wash your hands when entering and leaving the service points. Wear a face mask when moving in public places if you know you have been exposed to coronavirus infection in the past few days. If you wish you may freely use a mask to protect yourself and others, as it is not always known if you have been exposed.

The staff of the City of Tampere's social and health services wear face masks in all their workplaces in the city.

Information in different languages

Koronatestejä koskeva teksti on käännetty eri kielille Toimi näin, kun sinulla tai lapsellasi on infektio-oireita (pdf) -tekstistä.

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