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Ecosystem program


Grow. Smart. Together.

Tampere is an internationally known as a smart and sustainable city that attracts both businesses and talents. To the citizens the development is realized in better services and increased quality of life, and for the companies as new ways to build business models and possibilities to reach global markets.

Smart Tampere Ecosystem Program aims for new business opportunities

Smart Tampere ecosystems are built under seven smart themes: mobility, health, industry, government & citizen, infrastructure, buildings and education. Other vital elenments are digital connectivity, analytics & AI and user experience. Each theme has a theme leader, that is in charge of developing the ecosystem.

Tampere wants to be a forerunner in the smart ciy scene and seeks partners in companies and organizations in order to develop digital services and other smart city solutions. The aim is to develop products and services that meet the needs of other smart cities around the world.

There are many ways to take part in joint development. Different kinds of development programs, innovation and test platforms, open requirements processes, and other ways of co-creation enable new innovations and business opportunities.

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Theme specific contacts

Director, Business Development Petri Nykänen Tel. +358 40 806 2375

AI and analytics
Minna Kinnunen Tel. 040 589 9700

Senior Business Advisor Markku Niemi Tel. 050 511 7341

Renewing Industry
Director, Renewing Industry Harri Ojala Tel. 040 762 3784

Senior Business Advisor
Jari "Yatzy" Ikonen
Tel. +358 500 456 636
Email [email protected]

Education and Research
Program Director Seppo Haataja Tel. 040 500 3475

City Guidance Ecosystem project
Project Manager Anni Joela Tel. +358407219867

City IoT project
Project Manager Mika Heikkilä Tel. +358504688478

Tampere Smart City Week
Katri Schulze Tel. 040 076 5552

The easiest ways to take part:

Program Director Seppo Haataja Tel. 040 500 3475

Project manager Merja Maijala Tel. 050 486 1253

Project Coordinator Carita Isomäki Tel. 044 208 7778