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Fees for care complementary to pre-primary education until 31.5.2024

Four hours of pre-primary education are provided each day free of charge.

Early childhood education and care complementary to pre-primary education

The fee will be assessed based on the guardians’ gross income as stipulated by the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Club activities complementing pre-primary education

Club activities complementary to pre-primary education are offered for a fixed monthly fee based on the selected level of need for service. In August, the fee is one half of the normal monthly fee.

Preschool club fees until 31 May 2024
1 child, service need every day, fee (€/month) 10 days a month, fee (€/month) siblings price, the need for the service every day, fee (€/month) 10 days a month, fee (€/month)
1–3 hours/day 50 30 1–2 hours/day 30 (18) 0
3–5 hours/day 100 50 3–5 hours/day 60 30
more than 5 hours/day 120 60 more than 5 hours/day 70 36

If a child enrolled in pre-primary education has a sibling, part of the same family, enrolled either in a City of Tampere early childhood education and services daycare or family daycare or attending club activities complementary to pre-primary education, their client fee will be 60 % of the full client fee.

Client fees in bilingual pre-primary education

Bilingual pre-primary education is provided by the basic education services free of charge.

Activities complementing bilingual pre-primary education are provided for a fee.

Early childhood education and care as activities complementary to bilingual pre-primary education

Complementary early childhood education and care is provided by daycare centres, with client fees determined by the family’s income.

The English School of Tampere also provides English-language complementary early childhood education and care through a service voucher. The co-payment additional to the service voucher is determined by the family’s income.

Morning and afternoon activities in bilingual pre-primary education

Instead of complementary early childhood education and care, a child attending bilingual pre-primary education may participate in the school’s morning and afternoon activities with pupils. Fees are determined as they would be for school children attending the morning and afternoon activity clubs.

Client fees for morning and afternoon club activities

Changes to the need for service

The need for service can be reduced up to twice during an operating year. Any changes to the autumn period should be made by the end of August, and any changes to the spring period should be made by the end of January. Families may increase their need for service as necessary at any time of the operating year.

Any changes will be applied no earlier than the start of the following month.

Municipal activity clubs:
Changes in the need for service are agreed with the director of the early childhood education unit.

Fee exemptions

The club activity complementary to pre-primary education is provided free of charge to families whose gross income is below the income limits.  Families must apply for an exemption for no charges to be collected.

Limits of free preschool club activities 1.8.2023 -30.6.2024
Number of family members income limit as of 1st August 2023, EUR/month
2 4136
3 5260
4 5936
5 6615
6 7290

Up-to-date income information must be submitted for payment exemption. The exemption may be granted starting for the month the income information has been received.

Club activities provided as specialised care are free of charge for a disabled pupil (Act on Specialised Care for the Disabled, 519/1977, Section 2). The need for morning and afternoon activities for a disabled child or youth should be recorded in their specialised care programme.

The exemption from club activity fees must be applied for in writing with a copy the specialised care programme appended to the application.

Summer time activities in early childhood education and preschool education

Customer fees for early childhood education and pre-primary education

040 1808476 phone service is open Mondays to Thursdays 9–11 a.m.

From 1.8.2024, only early childhood education that complements pre-primary education will be offered, the fee for which is determined in accordance with the Early Childhood Education Customer Fee Act.

Client fees for early childhood education and care and pre-primary education

Considerations in assessing client fees in early childhood education and care

Updated 22.4.2024