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Submitting income information for early childhood education and care clients

New clients should submit income information for the family to enable the assessment of fees, or to give their consent to be assessed for the maximum client fee, within one month of starting early childhood education and care. If no income information is provided by the above date, the maximum client fee may be collected (Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care, Section 5).

The client fees department must be notified of any change in income without delay. Consent to the use of registers must also be given again. Information on changes in income is not available without a guardian's notification.

If income information changes in the middle of a calendar month, the changes will take effect from the start of the next calendar month. 

You may provide your family’s income information through the income information form in the online service. A family is not obliged to provide information on its income if they have consented or will consent to be assessed for the maximum early childhood education and care fee for their child’s care hours until further notice. 

Otherwise, the information must be provided using the income information form, but no separate appendixes must be submitted if the income information is available in the income registry and the family consents to those registries being accessed. Appendixes providing evidence of entrepreneur income and capital gains income must be provided along with the income information form

If a client fee has been made based on erroneous information provided by a client or their representative, the fee may be retroactively increased for up to the past year. Per the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care, Section 12, a day care fee will be retroactively increased to the disadvantage of a client for up to one year when a client has not notified the city in writing of changes in their circumstances that would have an effect of increasing the fee within one month of the changes.

If you cannot log in to the online service, you may make use of the following PDF forms. 

Updated 31.10.2023