Draft city plan for the residential area west of Lake Alasjärvi in Kaupinlaakso open for comments

To the west of Lake Alasjärvi, a significant residential area is planned in the new district of Kaupinlaakso. The draft city plan for the west of Lake Alasjärvi is open for comments until 26 April 2024. Currently, a continuation of tramways from Tays to Linnainmaa is planned for the golf course area. The Kaupinlaakso district in Tampere is built around the tramway route so that housing is adapted to the natural assets of the area.
The image shows apartments between forested areas. Illustration of the new area north of Teiskontie road.
The district of Kaupinlaakso is outlined in the illustration. The area west of Lake Alasjärvi is visible north of Teiskontie. Image: Arkkitehdit MY

The Kaupinlaakso district is located between the Kauppi campus and Linnainmaa, only about five kilometres from the city centre. It consists of the city plan areas of Lake Alasjärvi (to be named after Kaupinlaakso) and Kaupinlaakso I. In total, around 9,000 new homes will be built in the area.

The residents of the developing neighbourhood will have unique opportunities for physical activity and the vicinity of nature. There are extensive recreational and nature areas of about 900 hectares and key sports facilities in the vicinity of Kaupinlaakso. Frisbee golf remains in the area, and a new area is planned for golfing in Nurmi.

The block structure of the city plan area west of Lake Alasjärvi is adapted to the existing nature assets and landscape considerations of the area. Noise abatement has been considered in the placement and shape of Teiskontie. The floor numbers of residential buildings are decreasing north of the tramway bulevard towards the urban forest areas of Kauppi-Niihama.

The recreational and urban forest areas of Kauppi-Niihama will remain a large area, and the western shore of Lake Alasjärvi will be designated as a protected zone. The extended tramways will make recreational and sports areas more accessible throughout the city.

City and urban greens

The city-like Kaupinlaakso bulevard area and the extensive district park, Kaupinlaakso central park, form the core of the activities to the west of Lake Alasjärvi. The block structure of the area and its services have been designed so that the apartments are located within a short walking distance from the railway stops.

The kilometre long tramway street aims for a varied, colourful but sheltered look. The vibrant nature of the street level is made possible by a large number of brick-and-mortar stores. Two grocery stores have been assigned to the area. The large school and day-care centre are located in a central location next to the tram stop and shop and by the central park.

The housing blocks aim for diverse, urban housing. There are denser and higher blocks of apartment blocks along Raitiotiekatu street, lower-level residential buildings further north, and single-family house areas near the central park. The floor numbers of the residential buildings vary between two and twelve.

The planned traffic environment supports public transport, walking and cycling. Seven parking facilities of varying size and ground level parking between yards have been planned for the area. A compact block-like structure along the tramway street enables the number of residents required by the bus stops. It has been estimated that a total of 6,200 new residents will arrive to the west of Lake Alasjärvi.

District and rainwater park

The special attraction and identity factor of the district of Kaupinlaakso is the extensive central park of Kaupinlaakso and a built rainwater park, which form an urban green area that covers several activities and creates a sense of community in the residential area.

The several water topics in the rainwater park can also compensate for the temperature fluctuations in the area and prevent the heat island effect. The park will also have good green and water connections to safeguard biodiversity and the natural movement of animals from one area to another.

The general appearance of Kaupinlaakso is green, and plenty of trees are planted on the bulevard passing through the area, for example.

Support for climate objectives

The planned traffic environment relies on tramways, walking and cycling, which promotes the achievement of Tampere's climate objectives. Due to the demanding soil qualitites of the area, the management and pre-construction of soil masses will result in carbon dioxide emissions during the construction phase.

A densely structured block structure based on an extensive neighbourhood park enables good starting points for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

A tramway line from Pirkkala to Linnainmaa is currently being planned to extend the current routes to Sorinaukio and Tays. In addition to the necessary city plans, street plans will be prepared to enable the new extensions of Tampereen Ratikka.

Drafts of Raitiotiekatu street

The draft street plans of the Kaupinlaakso bulevardi are part of the preparation material of the city plan and can be reviewed at the same time as the draft city plan.

The area's tramway street, or Kaupinlaakson bulevardi, is planned to pass through the city plan area in the direction of Teiskontie road, approximately 100 metres north of Teiskontie road (main road 12).

A tram stop is planned in the middle of the new residential area to be planned on the western side of Lake Alasjärvi. In the area, the street junctions are controlled by traffic lights, and the tramway street is connected to Teiskontie road via the current junctions at Jaakonmäenkatu and Irjalankatu streets. Two new pedestrian and cycle routes are planned under Teiskontie road.

The city plan west of Lake Alasjärvi (plan number 8931) and the street plan of the Kaupinlaakso bulevardi and its tramway plans will be presented at a public event on 17 April 2024 in the Arvo building of the Kauppi campus.

The plans for the west of Lake Alasjärvi can be commented on between 5 and 26 April 2024 through the city registry.

The plans of Kaupinlaakso I (formerly Medi-Park) and the Linnainmaa tramway depot block related to the area and the continuation of tramways are also available as more advanced plans, i.e. proposals for city plan. Proposals for street plans in connection to the tramway are also available.

Further information

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Text: Anna-Leea Hyry
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