Culture for schools, kindergartens and other groups

The city offers many different opportunities for groups of children to enjoy the culture. Schools, kindergarten groups, clubs and other groups of children can visit a museum, Rulla's exhibitions or order cultural materials on their own premises.

Culture Education and Culture Centre Visits for Groups of Children

Cultural Centers for Children and Adolescents in Tampere offer activities for groups of children of all ages. Children´s culture centre Rulla's group activities are aimed at groups of children in early childhood education and primary education. The activities of the Youth Cultural Center Monitoimitalo13 are aimed at from the age of 9. The Cultural Education Program Art Arc provides arts experiences during the school days from early childhood education to middle schoolers.

Children´s Cultural Centre Rulla

Groups are invited to attend an activity-based tour to Rulla’s current exhibition, emphasising functionality and the use of different senses. Depending on the exhibition, activities included may mean crafts, drama, literary arts or dance, just to name a few. Registration needed in advance.

Youth Culture Centre Monitoimitalo 13

The third floor of the Monitoimitalo 13 offers guided handicraft workshops for school groups and other youth action groups. Craftsmanship is a place where you can create freely and be inspired by a tremendous amount of different materials.

Visiting Museums with Groups of Children

Tampere's museums welcome all groups of children to visit the museum. Where possible, free guided tours and task packages will be provided for the exhibitions, allowing them to learn more about the themes of the exhibitions, either during a visit to the museum or after a visit. Read more on the museums' own pages.

Tampereen taidemuseo

Museokeskus Vapriikki

Sara Hildénin taidemuseo


Borrowable and Virtual Materials for Groups of Children

Virtual Rulla

There is something for everyone in the virtual material of the Children's Cultural Centre Rulla. On the site you can watch fairy tale videos, participate in music workshops or arts workshops at your own pace at home or in kindergarten. Materials are mainly in finnish.

Check out the Borrowable Packages

The touring children’s culture packages allow school and day care groups to travel to the world of arts. You can reserve a package free of charge at Children's Cultural Centre Rulla. The borrower is responsible for picking up the package and returning it. The package is about the size of a trunk, and it contains all the instructions and equipment needed for an art journey.