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Fee criteria for early childhood education and care

The client fees for municipal early childhood education and care are based on the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care (1503/2016). The client fee is determined by the size of the family, the need for service as well the gross income.

A family refers to persons living in a shared household, either married or in a marriage-like arrangement, and the minor children of both living in the same household.

When determining the client fee, all taxable earned and capital income, tax-free income, and any cadastral forestry income will be considered as income for the family. Any child support paid or received will also be considered. Gross income will be assessed with the addition of holiday pay (5%). 

The income considered does not include child benefits, benefits under the Act on Disability Benefits (570/2007), child increase under the National Pensions Act (568/2007), housing benefit, health and test expenses reimbursed by accident insurance, conscript’s allowance, front-veteran's supplement, study grant, adult education allowance, student housing supplement, activity allowance and compensations for travel expenses paid as basic social assistance, maintenance allowance under the Act on National Insurance Institution rehabilitation assistance and benefits (566/2005), maintenance allowance under the Act on Public Employment and Business Services (916/2012), grants given for studies and similar benefits, family carer reimbursements for expenses nor child home care allowance.

Maintenance payments and other similar costs arising from the actual family relationships, as well as a cash benefit withheld for a fixed period or lifetime upon the transfer of the property (life annuity) are taken into account as deductions from income.

The client fee for early childhood education and care is determined according to the situation at the time of payment, on the basis of either verifiable or estimated income.

If the family agrees to pay the maximum client fee, they need not provide any income information. The consent is considered valid indefinitely. You may give your consent using the Early childhood education and care e-service. 

Updated 1.12.2022