Counselling and guidance offered by social services

The social services of the City of Tampere will help you in a wide range of life situations: Are you worried about your own life management skills or those of someone close to you? Have you noticed that your functional ability has deteriorated and causes problems in your everyday life? Are you going through a difficult situation in your life and are in need of counselling and guidance to solve your problems? Have you encountered a sudden crisis in your life and need support to cope with it? Are you experiencing financial problems which you are unable to solve on your own?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.

Helpline is available at  03 5657 0200, Mon, Wed - Fri 9 - 15 and Tue 9 - 17.30

You can contact us by telephone or by visiting us at the social services’ information and service points at the local welfare centres. You can also reach us  by using the electronic Ask for advice form.

Your question may be related to your own situation or the situation of a family member or someone else close to you. You can submit a contact request, and a social work professional will call you within seven business days. You cannot use the form to apply for social assistance.

Information and service points of social services

The social services’ information and service points are located in the local welfare centres, and you can use their services without appointment within the opening hours. You can talk to a social work professional and work together to find solutions to your problems. You can get information about the available services and the requirements for receiving them, as well as support for applying for the services and benefits. If necessary, we will make you an appointment for a service need assessment.

The information and service points of social services are part of adult social work in the City of Tampere.

Contact information: The information and service points of social services (Finnish language website)

Multilingual social counselling and guidance

Our service points offer counselling and guidance related to social services in multiple languages.

Sarvis service point

  • Arabic: on Tuesdays and Fridays at 12 - 14
  • Farsi/Dari: on Mondays at 9 - 12 and Fridays at 9 - 12
  • Somali: on Fridays at 12 – 14


A social counsellor is available without appointment on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 12 - 14
Without an appointment

  • on Tuesdays at 9 - 12 in Somali and at 12 - 15 in Farsi/Dari
  • on Thursdays at 9 -12 in Arabic

With an appointment on Thursdays at 12- 15 in all languages.

Tesoma wellbeing centre

  • Farsi/Dari: on Thursdays at 10 - 12

Assessment of service needs

When your situation dictates that you need more than temporary counselling and guidance in terms of social services, you are entitled to have your service needs assessed. New clients are always referred to the adult social work services through a service need assessment. The assessment of service needs is carried out in cooperation with you, your family and loved ones and, if necessary, other operators. Your wishes, support needs and opinions are considered in the assessment process, and, at the same time, the potential need for special support and the need for a designated personal worker are discussed.

Frequently asked questions

Updated 16.6.2022