A happy baby watching towards camera in his mother's arms, at the background there's a public health nurse.

Maternity and child health clinics

Pregnancy and new baby – clinic services

Maternity clinics help families during pregnancy and childbirth and after a baby is newly born. New mothers still fall under maternity clinic services for three months after delivery.

Newborn children are moved under child health clinic services when they are two weeks old. 

Clinic services are free of charge for mothers, as well as for fathers and newborn children.

Appointments at maternity and child health clinics

You can make an appointment either online or by calling your local maternity and child health clinic. You can call Mon–Fri, 8.30–11. You can find the phone number for each clinic on this page.

Contact information maternity and child health clinics (Finnish language website)

Booking appointments online: Maternity clinic appointments are available for health check-ups for gestational weeks 22–24 and 26–28. Child health clinic appointments are available for children aged 1 to 6 for health check-ups and other visits, such as vaccinations.

Updated 29.5.2022