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Viinikanlahti district in a city model image.

By 2030, the Viinikanlahti area will have been redeveloped and incorporated into the Tampere city centre. The area currently houses a wastewater treatment plant, which will be relocated. The planning of the new residential area and green areas will commence during 2019–2020 with surveys, the ideas competition and the first phases of local detailed planning.

The open international urban ideas competition was launched in May 2019. The competition programme was published and the competition website opened on 15 May 2019. The answers concerning the competition task, the developed Weup aerial map and additional background information were published on 19 June 2019.

The first phase of the competition ended on 27 September 2019. By the set deadline, a total of 57 entries were submitted to the competition under a pseudonym. Competition entries submitted in the first phase can be viewed on the competition website.

The second phase of the competition started and its competition programme was published on 14 November 2019. The jury selected six competition entries for the second phase. The pseudonyms of these entries are "Divercity", "Lakes & Roses", "SoBa", "Pärske", "Greenikka" and "Natural Alliance".

Competitors selected for the second phase had until February 2020 to develop their entries based on the specified instructions provided by the jury. All six pseudonyms selected for the second phase submitted their further developed competition entries by the set deadline, i.e. 14 February 2020. The second phase competition entries were published on the competition website on 20 February 2020.

The competition entries submitted in the second phase of the urban ideas competition and completed surveys were displayed from 20 February to 12 March 2020 as part of the preparatory material of the local detailed plan. During that time, feedback could be submitted to the City of Tampere regarding the material. The jury was informed of the feedback received. A public meeting was organised regarding the local detailed plan on 5 March 2020.

The jury made its decision on the result of the competition on 25 March 2020. The result was announced on 17 April 2020 by using digital means. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all events related to the result of the competition will be organised on a later date, most likely in autumn 2020. The evaluation minutes and other new material related to the competition have been published on the competition website.

The winner of the competition is the pseudonym Lakes & Roses. The jury praised its excellent overall approach to the urban and landscape architecture, and the clarity of the cityscape. The revealed author of the entry is Architecturestudio NOAN from Tampere, Finland.

The City of Tampere will continue the local detailed planning and other planning of the area based on the result of the competition.

International urban ideas competition

View from the new rose garden.
Competition entry "Lakes & Roses".
View from the new pedestrian bridge.
Competition entry "Lakes & Roses".
Overall plan of the area.
Competition entry "Lakes & Roses".

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Urban ideas competition 2019‒2020
Project Development Manager Minna Seppänen Tel. +358 40 150 9857

Local detailed planning 2019‒2023
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