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Finnish International School of Tampere (FISTA)

1st grade admissions

26.11.2019 Info evening for guardians. You can dowload the slideshow here:FISTA 1st grade admissions info 26.11.2019.pdf (pdf)You can also read more on our Admissions page.

2.-21.1.2020 Applications open External linkLink to 1st grade application form

4-5.2.2020 Aptitude tests

7th grade admissions

11.12.2019, 6pm Info event in the school cafeteria

9.12.2019–12.1.2020 Applications open at this link

29.1.2020 Language tests

Parents' nights

11.12.2019 Upper grade line choices (6th grade guardians)
15.1.2020 Optional subjects and courses (7th grade guardians)
27.1.2020 Optional language studies (3rd grade guardians)

The Finnish International School of Tampere, or FISTA, is a comprehensive school offering basic education for grades 1-9. FISTA has around 820 students and 85 staff members. We are located in central Tampere in a building that was renovated in 2014-2017.

FISTA follows the City of Tampere curriculum which is based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum, set by The Finnish National Agency for Education. The main language of tuition is English.

FISTA serves families living in the Tampere area. All applicants are invited to a language test to ensure that they are able to participate in English language education.

The school started as Amurin kansakoulu in 1954. The first English language classes started in 1990 and the school became FISTA in 2012.

Finnish International School of Tampere
33230 Tampere