Detail planning for Eteläpuisto set to continue with new goals ‒ residents asked for opinions about green and recreational areas

Detail planning for the Eteläpuisto area continues with newly-defined goals. The area will now be developed into a park for public green and recreational use. Feedback and data on the current use and routes of Eteläpuisto as well as residents' thoughts and ideas on the future of the park are being collected until 18 April by means of an online survey. Official feedback on the new participation and assessment scheme currently available to the public can be submitted to the Registrar's Office.
Delimitation of the Eteläpuisto and its surroundings plan number 8581 on the map

Eteläpuisto is located in the southwestern part of the Tampere City Centre in the districts of Nalkala, Kaakinmaa and Ratina. The planning area is bounded by the Pyynikinrinne district to the west, Lake Pyhäjärvi to the south, and Ratina park to the east. In the north, the area borders the Tiiliruukinkatu, Koulukatu, Eteläpuistokatu and Tampereen valtatie streets. The area is owned by the City of Tampere.

There are several currently valid detail plans for the planning area. The detailed plan area has been decreased from the original. The blocks with the old buildings (De Gamlas Hem and the Epidemic Hospital) will be planned in detail plan 8883 and the Hämeenpuisto area in detail plan 8848. The Nalkala area will be planned in a separate detail plan at a later date.

When detail planning first began in 2015, the goal was to fit housing-oriented complementary construction in the area. Alteration of the detail plan was eventually suspended due to strong opposition to the plan project. The idea of housing construction has now been abandoned, and the new goal is to develop the area towards becoming a green and recreational area available for all residents to enjoy. The results of the survey will be used both in the preparation of the detail plan and to support the planning of the park.

The objectives set in the 2024 Planning Programme are to develop biodiversity, the recreational environment, a pedestrian-oriented city, and the area's identity, preserving the cultural environment and landscape values, and improving the approachability of the shore area. The detail plan will make sure that Eteläpuisto meets the criteria set for a national urban park, as it is located in the area defined in the application.

Previous feedback to be taken into account

Previous feedback and surveys will be taken into account in the alteration of the detail plan. Recreational use has been defined as the new goal for land use planning in the area in the Mayoral Programme 2023–2025 and the Planning Programme 2024.

The preparatory material includes a summary of previous feedback, i.e. a summary of the opinions and objections submitted on the proposed plan that was kept available to the public in 2016–2017. The summary also includes the responses, categorised by theme.

The ongoing Eteläpuisto survey contains multiple-choice questions, a possibility to use a map tool to mark the things asked about in the questions, and an opportunity to provide open feedback.

Progress of the detail plan alteration

In addition to the plans and studies already conducted in the area, a vegetation and habitat study, an update of the green structure network report, a general plan for the use of the park, a noise survey, and a plan economy report will still be prepared, among other surveys.

Once the availability period of the new starting stage has passed, the feedback received will be processed and plans will be taken forward. The feedback will be taken into account in the process. During the spring, a preliminary park plan and a draft detail plan will be drawn up. According to the timetable estimate, these will be made available to the public along with the other preparatory material during summer 2024. During the preparation stage availability period, a presentation on the draft plans will be held for the public.

Once the drafts and the related feedback have been processed, a proposal for a detail plan will be drawn up. According to the current timetable estimate, the proposal will be made available to the public and ready for decision-making in late 2024.

Further information

Nella Rajala
Urban Environment and Infrastructure Services Planning Architect
044 431 4478
Maija Pakarinen
Planning Architect
040 351 6640
Text: Anna-Leea Hyry
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